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CraftHub Community

Hey Hubworlders, mechjack here:

The Good: So Mojang activated the ability to change your name, and the good news is that with a lot of aspects of Minecraft, this won't affect much because you also have a neat thing called a UUID. Think of it like this: Your name is like a nickname, and you can change it because you also have a UUID which is like a real name. It's a string of numbers attached to your account that never changes, so no matter what name you pick, anything that can read your UUID will still know who you are!

The Bad and the Ugly: Some plugin developers either haven't made use of this, or haven't updated in quite a while to change over to using this. What this means is that while the core game of Minecraft knows who you are, and a lot of our plugins do as well, not all of them do. We can help transition some things over, but we need your patience if you run into this problem. What we do know is that Residence currently definitely breaks. You will lose access to things...
Howdy HubWorlders. Things have been quiet. A little too quiet. There were a lot of hiccups with the release of 1.8, from the EULA change just prior, to Bukkit nearly going down when Evilseph announced giving up the project only for Mojang to swoop in and attempt to save it, ending with Wolverness issuing a DMCA takedown resulting in a significant blow to Bukkit. That's the short version of the long story of events outside of our control.

On our end, I started back to school, which has taken up quite a bit of my personal time, but we had planned for that and were ready to update when all of this went down. This was a major setback for us. I'd talked to some folks about their approach, and we ran a temp world in the meantime.

Now comes the good news: We're back up! It's a new world as we said it would be. Spawn is smaller this time around, getting you out into the wilderness faster, and you have the same econ you had. Uploading the old map for download will take some more time, and we...
Howdy hubworlders, these are the CraftHub plans moving forward.

Things have been pretty inactive, but we have been looking at plugins during this time. Due to the changes coming with 1.8, some of our plugins will have to be replaced, possibly more as we see what breaks, what doesn't, what updates and what doesn't.

As always happens with the newest update, we have a temp world up while we wait for Bukkit to update. Things are a bit more tumultuous this time around with Evilseph retiring and Dinnerbone stepping back into the ring to head the Bukkit development. We're hoping that with his job at Mojang, he'll have things well organized to update smoothly and quickly.

As for the update and our transition, as we have done more than a few times in the past, we will be resetting the world to ensure access to all the new content. As always, we apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, but wait, there's good news! After we reset, we will have the old world available for public...
Hey guys and gals. Most of you should know about the EULA update stuff and that it is going to have an effect on servers. CraftHub is amongst those it will effect, but we will keep on keeping on, so don't worry. We're not going anywhere.

We are however, adjusting. We can't continue to operate the way we have in the past without violating the terms that are set forth. Really, like most other servers, we've been violating the EULA the whole time just for taking money for support at all so we aren't griping or complaining. If you go to our Buycraft page, you'll notice that the insufficient pylons and the ranks are currently not available. They're going to remain unavailable as by the EULA we cannot have either.

What does this mean for me? Glad you asked! Not a whole lot. You will continue to have access to what you have, protection, coloured name and number of sethomes. What we will have to do however, is make things like protections and sethomes available to everyone at the...
So, the EULA changes are in effect as of today. To the best of our knowledge, we are in compliance now.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out these links:


Notch's personal response:

The actual EULA:

That's a lot of reading, but this is basically what it means for us here at CraftHub.

We don't have ranks any more.
At least, not the way we used to. We can't link a rank to a contribution total. That is strictly against the EULA. What we do have are our staff ranks, which are necessary for...