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Arena Events!

Discussion in 'Events' started by 4everLink, Apr 30, 2013.

Arena Events!

Discussion in 'Events' started by 4everLink, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. 4everLink

    4everLink Member

    hay guys!

    (RESCHEDULED (spelled right?) for THIS SUNDAY! that's right! the Sky City2s Sky Areana events are going to be held THIS SUNDAY THE 12TH! now that the perm map is back these events held in celebration of 2 things, the finishing of the areana, and my 1st MineCraft anniversery (2 weeks late :p), will be from about 5pm to 7pm EASTERN TIME!)

    so I'm planning to host a bunch of events on (this) thursday! (sunday due to delays caused by update) yah I will hold them ocassionally and on different days, but this will be the first events held in the areana and (though 2 weeks late) is also a celebration of my 1st year aniversery since getting minecraft (and immediatly :p) joining crafthub. only a week later begining Sky City on the 1.2.5 map :D.
    and now a year later we have the even better Sky City2 with an areana to prove it! :D also, this sky city even has about 47 residents! only 3 short of what the last Sky City! and I'm sure we can easly reach 50 before any map reset :p thus meeting my first big goal with Sky City2 which was to reach the same number of residents that SC1 had.

    now alittle bit more on topic.
    the kinds of events we'll be holding? well there will be not just pvp,
    but also spleef,
    mobs wars :)P),
    and a few others :p

    but some of the pvp events will include:
    1 on 1,
    team vs team,
    and a very fun and totally crazy FREE FOR ALL! :D

    alot of time and effort has gone into this areana, and I hope that we can all enjoy it and have lots of fun! :D
    BUT! just a warning to those who wish to participate in the events, (these warnings are also posted in the areana near the entrances to the pvp zone)

    1: you MAY bring your own armor and weapons. (yes they may be enchanted)
    2: anything you bring into the areanas fight zone you must be willing to loose if you loose!!!
    3: if you die in the areanas fight zone and drop your stuff, it then belongs to whoever picks it up. you can't expact them to give it back.
    4: no begging, whining, or demanding others to give back the things you loose in the areana. if a player does give you back your stuff, that is by thier own choice and kindness. again, do not expect this from anyone.
    5: we will not replace the stuff you loose. but there are plans to add sign shops in the areana where you can by new weapons and armor.
    6: once you've lost you will not be able to get back into the fight zone (in most events) untill the fighting is finished. odds are that anyone in there that you might call after dieing is to busy to bring you without dieing themselves.
    7: now that you have been warned, we ask that you DO NOT bring in anything that you really don't want to loose.

    the areana is made for fun and entertainment, some of the things mentioned above may not sound to exciting, they are just a fair reminder not to go running into the fight zone with 50 diamonds in your invintory. my suggestion would be to only enter with your weapons and armor. and a bit of food.

    SO now that that is out of the way, you should also think of the things you stand to GAIN! that's right! you can actually walk out of the areana with more stuff than you came in with! some of the things you can gain are:
    (besides the obviouse, armor and things the other players will drop when deffeated)

    1: there are the heads of the other players! yup! player heads drop here like anywhere else. but they're easyr to find now, (cause we're gathering them up in 1 place for you :p) you have to fight for them like any other time, but just think, if you are the last man (or girl) standing, you get not only the heads of everyone who fights in the event! (and perhaps even some of the more rare?)

    2: the drops of mobs (in events where mobs are included) which as we know could be the normal spoils, to possibly armor or tools, (looting enchanted swords obviously increase these chances)

    3: prizes! THAT'S RIGHT! PRIZES!!! prizes will be awared to the 1st (and maybe 2nd and 3rd?) top fighter in some of the events. what will these prizes include? a number of things! anywhere from diamond or quartz, to armor weapons or tools, to (special suprizes?)

    so while yes there is always the chance you might loose some stuff, there is plenty to gain as well! and remember, this is all for fun! and for those of you who do not enjoy pvp or don't want to play in the events, you can always watch from the stands! enjoyable and entertaining shows from a safe distance! :p

    so we really do hope that everyone can come and enjoy themselfs with these meny events we will offer at the SkyCity2 areana! and I hope to see you there :D
  2. LordNut

    LordNut Member

  3. 4everLink

    4everLink Member

    oh, so it is. nice catch LordNut. now if only the Areana were still around where in which we might have been able to through an Aniversery Celebration Bash-Attack event.

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