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CraftHub Update: EULA Edition

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by mechanicaljack, Jul 4, 2014.

CraftHub Update: EULA Edition

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by mechanicaljack, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. mechanicaljack

    mechanicaljack Administrator Staff Member

    Hey guys and gals. Most of you should know about the EULA update stuff and that it is going to have an effect on servers. CraftHub is amongst those it will effect, but we will keep on keeping on, so don't worry. We're not going anywhere.

    We are however, adjusting. We can't continue to operate the way we have in the past without violating the terms that are set forth. Really, like most other servers, we've been violating the EULA the whole time just for taking money for support at all so we aren't griping or complaining. If you go to our Buycraft page, you'll notice that the insufficient pylons and the ranks are currently not available. They're going to remain unavailable as by the EULA we cannot have either.

    What does this mean for me? Glad you asked! Not a whole lot. You will continue to have access to what you have, protection, coloured name and number of sethomes. What we will have to do however, is make things like protections and sethomes available to everyone at the maximum number available, or have them purchasable in game with in game currency.

    We currently have no plans to reduce what you have access to in game, with one exception. Kits. We will have to change kits in some fashion. How we will change them, we do not yet know, but we cannot separate the server by rank the way we currently have.

    We will have the changes in place by the beginning of August, as that is the date set by Mojang for servers to be in compliance. We could have left the ranks and pylons purchasable until then, but we did not want people to continue buying something that may not mean as much, or possibly anything at all, after that date. That doesn't seem ethical to us.

    We fully understand if the changes will make people unhappy, and we are open to any and all suggestions you may have. We will not make our final decision lightly, but we do have to follow the terms that Mojang has set forth or risk the possibility of being forced to change and/or shut down by their legal department.

    If you have any grievances now or after the changes take place, please do not hesitate to contact myself at [email protected] or noobidoo at [email protected] and we will do our best to help alleviate that grievance. We really appreciate the support we've had that has allowed us to exist far longer than most servers that operate the way we do, and longer than some people have expected us to. CraftHub is a great group, a great server, and you guys are awesome.

    Stay cool, stay calm, and have fun hubworlders.
  2. cooldude2703

    cooldude2703 New Member

    I no longer have access to the /home command
  3. Tonoshi

    Staff Member

    We are sorry for the inconvenience, but /home is being updated. No one currently has it. /home will return once it is updated and tested. Thank you for your patience.
  4. mechanicaljack

    mechanicaljack Administrator Staff Member

    Checking. Everyone should have it actually.
  5. mechanicaljack

    mechanicaljack Administrator Staff Member

    If you are attempting to use either /home 2 or /home 3, those are currently inoperable, for the reasons stated above. They require re-coding of the plugin. /home 1 should work absolutely fine as of yesterday. If it still doesn't work for you today, please provide details including the exact command you are attempting to use so I can look more closely into the issue.

    Much thanks! :D

  6. IronR0b

    IronR0b New Member

    I could not do it too
  7. mechanicaljack

    mechanicaljack Administrator Staff Member

    Should work now. If it doesn't, you need more econ. I'll work on making an emerald selling store tomorrow.

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