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Sep 6, 2013
  • Items are custom items on our server, added by plugins. They can feature several attributes, which affect you if you are holding the item, or wearing it as armor.

    Attributes (top)

    Attribute Description Minimum Value Maximum Value Default Value
    Maximum Health Your maximum amount of health, in half hearts. 0 Infinity 20
    Knockback Resistance A chance of resisting knockback effects. The maximum value means you will resist knockbacks everytime, while the minimum means you will never resist knockbacks. 0 1 0
    Movement Speed How quickly you move. 0 Infinity 0.7
    Attack Damage How much damage you deal on hit, in half hearts. 0 Infinity 2

    List of Custom Items(top)

    Event Rewards(top)

    Whenever server Events take place, special items maybe given out to players. These special items may or may not be, or stay, unique. They will, however, have a special line of lore text unique to the event at which they were distributed.